Martina Vídenová (* 1985) is a film music composer and a musicologist living and working in Prague. She is a Ph.D. candidate in musicology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. Her compositions are rooted in contemporary classical music, especially minimalism which often combines with electronic and ambient music. As a composer, she participates in multimedia projects cooperating with filmmakers, visual and conceptual artists. She has cooperated on long-term basis with Vladimír Turner, a documentarist and activist whose work is related to political activism and art interventions in the public space. Martina has concentrated mainly on projects focused on environmental issues. She has been working on the audiovisual project Home Is the Place Where Fire Burns about forest fires in Portugal. She seeks to raise awareness about these devastating fires also abroad to bring to the European sphere some consciousness and discussion about this topic. The climate crisis is not always the main cause of the high number of such fires. She came up with the initiative to build an opera house in Porto (Portugal), and has been developing this project.