Sá de Miranda Theatre, Viana do Castelo / Portugal / 10 / 3 / 2019

conductor: David Wyn Lloyd
orchestra: mainly members of Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
choir: mainly members of Coro Casa da Música
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/ audiovisual project about forest fires in Portugal /
It is encouraging that forest fires have been receiving more media attention. However, large areas of forest keep burning in many places around the planet, which the media ignore. The climate crisis is not always the main cause of the high number of such fires.

> To honor the memory of all forest fire victims, as of all ecosystems destroyed annually by fires.
> To take a step against indifference and passivity - to search for new forms of ecological and social activism through art, through the creation of contemporary classical music and its fusion with the documentary format.
> To raise awareness and discussion about the forest fires and forest devastation issue in Portugal and other temperate countries throughout the world as a continuing global cause that should be addressed, in pair with other global ecological issues.
> To promote contemporary classical music through the creation of new audiences and new platforms.





> Documentary by Vladimír Turner, 2018

In the dismal post-apocalyptic landscape of the coal basin in the northern part of the Czech Republic, through an artistically conceived film, we learn about an environmental movement whose motto is „change the system, not the climate“. Why these ecological activists are being labeled extremists is, for the film director, one of the examples of how the state is creating the enemy, thereby strengthening its own power.
> Screenings: 25.5. Vienna / 31.5. Brno / 31.5. Berlin / 4.6. Praha / 4.6. Boskovice / 9.6. Ostrava / 9.6. Bratislava / 13.6. Berlin / 13.6. Praha / 19.6. Ústí nad Labem



> audiovisual exhibition about forest fires in Portugal as a part of 8th National Forest Congress
> 11 - 22/10 2017, Museu Municipal, Viana do Castelo > 11/10, 18:00 opening and presentation




> presentation of Tiago Pereira´s project A Música Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria (aiming to document the immense intangible heritage of traditional Portuguese music)
> 27 / 4 / 2017, 19:15, Portugalské centrum v Praze, Josefská 6, Prague 1


> experimental / postindustrial / environmental
> FUNERAL: 28 / 10 / 2016 // the International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava



> short movie about a photographer Josef Sudek "HUDBA HRAJE" coming soon (special thanks to Pavel Bořkovec Quartet)
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